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Montreal pet care provider Devina Care Group

Montreal Pet Care – Devina Care Group Inc.

I met Devina, a Montreal pet care provider, in July this year during a photoshoot.  I was to take some profile photos of her and right from the time we were conversing about prepping for the shoot, she came across as a very warm, kind and vivacious person.  When she walked up to me on the morning of the shoot, I was totally blown away by how vivacious she really was in person.

She brought her beautiful daughter and her three little puppies in tow that morning.  I could see the love and bonding between Devina, her daughter and their pets.  From that I could clearly see why Devina would make pet care such a huge part of her life. Speaking with her showed me another side of this gorgeous and kind woman that I wanted everyone else to see; and Montreal pet care worries can be put to rest with Devina!

Please read ahead to take a peek into Devina’s work for Devina Care Group and her dedication to Montreal pet care.

I asked Devina about her mission and what she does in her Montreal pet care business.  This is what she had to say:

Devina: I love helping people and caring for them. I run a care company called Devina Care Group Inc. (DCG). My company is all about pets, people, homes, food, water. I take care of all that you need help with.

The way she started her business was how a lot of us start our businesses – trying to fill a gap in our lives by doing something meaningful and something that resonates with our core values.  But she had a special mission.

Devina: I have always had a caring nature. I am a very emotional person. When I went through the breakup of a long term relationship I needed a new start and I started walking dogs to make some extra cash. That is how my business Devina Pet Care started. One thing led to another and from Montreal pet care company grew my other business. My clients asked me for help and I provided the care they needed. Pets, people, houses, etc you need help… I will care for you.

I was very eager to hear about where she started and if she had any challenges and fears.  I love asking this question of all entrepreneurs because fear is what holds us back. But how we overcome them will determine our success in accomplishing our goals.  I love what Devina said about her fears and challenges:

Devina: I was still working in the banking industry and one of my clients was looking for a pet sitter. I offered help. Help and me go side by side. That was my first job as a pet sitter. I got paid $10 a day for 3 weeks to live at their house and care for their 3 pets. I made 300$ in my first contract…That was my first job. It was a tough one. Looking back I can say that I was very, very, very underpaid. But that is business. When you are new at something, you get paid like an intern. When you have experience, you can call the shots. Pet sitting is no different.

Today, 5 years later for the same job I would charge $100 a day. Yes, of course I have fears but I always say to myself- ‘The only time I have an opportunity to show spunk/balls is when I am afraid of something”.
I fight the fear because fear is only one step behind courage.

Challenges are a test by the Universe. When I am faced with a difficult situation I ask the Universe for help. I ask the people around me for help.

Since Devina has a very young daughter, who was a lot younger when Devina started her solo venture, I was curious to hear about her support system and how she went about striding forward to doing what she loved.

And this is what Devina had to say – I am a DOER. I do things. I think about things after I have DONE something. Lol. I am very impulsive that way. And thats what makes me who I am.

Her response really resonated with me, because I could identify with her so well!  I’m a doer myself and I used to call myself impulsive.  But Devina, I have something to say to that – impulsive could carry a negative connotation depending on how it’s used. I say you’re a spunky action-taker!  That’s what makes you so amazing! 🙂

I try to keep things simple at home. We live simple and it works out. I work around my daughter’s schedule.

My support system is brilliant. I have neighbors, friends, single moms, single dads, school, old aunts, that help me with babysitting when I need help. I also help other parents when they need help babysitting, driving, food, you name it and I am there to help and that all comes back to DCG. Hence, the creation of DCG and my company is an extension of who I am. A caring person.

I asked for a few words of advice and encouragement for all the aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs who are still not able to take a leap of faith and immerse themselves in what they would love to do!  Here are Devina’s words of wisdom:

Devina: Knowing yourself is key. The more you know yourself, your strengths, your weaknesses, the better you can manage your fears, your limitations. Knowing yourself also means knowing your strengths. Your strenghts are what make you who you are.

Devina has one of the most caring hearts I’ve ever seen (no, she hasn’t paid me to say this :D) but I say this because I mean it. She loves connecting with people and their stories and she wanted all of you to know that her mission and the mission of DCG (Devina Care Group Inc.) is to help people and care for them.  She is a big lover of social media and very active on Facebook, and Instagram.

If you need Devina’s help with Montreal pet care, you can find more info about Devina Pet Care on

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