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path to self love

The Path to Self-Love

Today the role self-love plays in our overall well-being is widely accepted. Yet, in order to love ourselves, it is necessary to recognize and connect with that “self”.

So, who are we? Evidence yielded by quantum physics tell us we are more than our physical experience of reality: we are conscious energy.

woman demonstrating self-love
Even more: our consciousness influences our human experience since we create what we believe.  Within the complex conglomerate of body, brain, emotions and all else we consider part of us, lies a wealth of knowledge and intelligence about each of us.

This is our innate “map” or our subconscious and is key to connecting to our true selves. Our true self can be regarded as our uniqueness that is distinct from the roles and external characteristics we deem as ourselves, such as our profession, familial ties and responsibilities, physical and personality traits, etc. In fact, our subconscious can give us answers about how to live our best lives.  All you need to do is learn how to connect and then listen.

This voice within is always loving and non-judgmental.  Any thoughts that are critical or negative are not coming from within and can be set free. Self-love means seeing ourselves as our true essence which is love and reflecting that love throughout all aspects of our existence (physical, mental, emotional).

The best way to make acquaintance with your subconscious is to cease activity and rational thought- at least for short periods of time. Relax, allowing your consciousness to access a state in between being “awake” and “asleep”.  My first perceptions of being relaxed in this way were when I was falling asleep but felt my consciousness was still alert.  Similarly, when I was awaking and felt my body still asleep but I could perceive what was happening around me. Yet generating that state deliberately eluded me. After years of trying all kinds of meditation techniques to no avail, I fell into this state while doing something I absolutely love: knitting!  Everyone knows of something that helps them relax and that something can help you trigger the state that leads you to your subconscious. Just do it!

At first, you might not perceive anything but your “to do list” racing through your head.  That is fine. Just release the thoughts.  You can use deep breathing, music, essential oils, guided meditation, exercise beforehand, laughter, visual images like nature or photos, massage, Reiki or anything that inspires calm.  Keep a journal handy and jot down any images, messages or ideas that surface.  It takes time to trust what arises.  To meet your inner self.  To love that self.

Michele Mayer is a Reiki Master Teacher and Energy Healer who also spent three decades as an executive in the Financial Industry. As a working mom, she understands firsthand the challenges of maintaining balance and optimal health while juggling the demands of family and career. She believes that we all have the innate ability to balance and heal ourselves and is passionate about sharing health and vitality with others. Learn more about Michele at:
Michele Diane Mayer

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