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Morning routine for startup businesses

Productivity Tip #2 – Mornings Are Sacred

Success habits for morning routine

Mornings are sacred! I say this from the deepest part of my being! You might be wondering what I mean by it. Have you heard the saying “Morning shows the day?” Apply this to your morning routine on a daily basis and you’ll get what I mean.

Don’t start your day working on another person’s agenda

In the age of the smartphone, we sleep with our mobile devices right next to our beds, if not next to our pillows. We open our eyes, and instead of being grateful for having the privilege to see one more sunrise as part of our morning routine, we reach for our phone or tablet, and go straight to our mailboxes or social media. What does that do to your day? Your day is screwed up even before you can get it started. As motivational speaker Brendon Burchard says, checking your inbox first thing in the morning is like working on other peoples’ agenda! I completely agree with that.

I used to be guilty of having my phone right next to me all the time. Since I would set my alarm on my phone, I would naturally need to have it at my bedside. But studies show that not only are the waves emitted by a cellphone harmful for you, but checking emails and social media even before you’re fully awake is equally bad. You need to wake up and start your day slowly. When will you plan for the day ahead, if you don’t do it when you wake up?  You need to have a more positive morning routine, like wake up and attend to the more important things in life. Drink a glass of water, do a few minutes of meditation, maybe exercises, etc., and keep your nose out of your phone.

We’re creatures of habit

I’m not saying it’s easy. But you can easily acquire this habit with a little determination. My morning routine is something like this – once my alarm goes off, I stay in bed a few minutes longer to say a few prayers of thankfulness and gratitude. I follow this up by journaling and 5 minutes of deep breathing. Once I’m centred, I get up and get on with my day.  I never even touch my emails till I’m on the bus an hour later, headed for work. Even then, I will cursorily glance at my emails and only take care of the urgent ones right away.  I then close my emails and read a book. Unless I’ve received a private message from a friend or family member on any of the social platforms, I won’t even open up Facebook or the likes until much later in the day.

I can tell you that it’s changed my life, because each day I choose to start my morning routine by being positive.  Social media while having its advantages, has more disadvantages than I can count on my fingers.

Establish a great morning routine

Tonight, before you go to bed, leave your phone or other mobile devices outside your bedroom. Now get out the old alarm clock you’ve long since retired.  When you get up in the morning, stay strong and don’t check your emails right away. Strengthen yourself internally, before you work on someone else’s agenda.  You will have made a huge difference in your life and you’ll come back to thank me for this tip! 🙂


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