Success Doesn't Have to Be Elusive


Did you know that more than 54% Americans hate their job but they still prefer not to do anything about it because they worry about their finances?


Did you also know that 25% of Canadians suffer from work-related stress and the numbers are rising more than ever? If you'd like to see all the stats, you can download the report for Canada and US right now.


Stress doesn't help with developing a success mindset. But the data can provide great insights into coming up with a solution. 

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Stress is increasing at an alarming rate in North America.
You’d be surprised to see what’s causing this. Knowing and identifying the root causes may help to eliminate it altogether. Knowledge is power!

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Client Testimonials

Many of us think, mostly wishfully, of doing something “more meaningful” in life…something which will satisfy the intellect, something to break the rut of routine. But, to do so is easier said than done. And that is where Toni is invaluable. Empathetic but a tough task master, she acts like a lighthouse to a ship, not necessarily on a stormy sea, but a sea which is monotonously addictive, to focus our energies to change the direction of our life, to something more interesting and more challenging. In short, an awesome Coach!

Sayantan D.G., Photographer

THANK YOU!! I am so happy with your coaching.  It’s amazing how quickly I am becoming more focused, productive and effective.

Michele M., Reiki Master

After the training, I feel stronger and empowered as I now have the tools to get back on track whenever I falter from my goals. I would definitely recommend this program provided that person is a learner. Sometimes if things seem right people are not willing to learn and develop.

Joita S.