My Upcoming Hands-On or Online Workshops for 2019

100% Results Driven Workshops to Transform Your Life or Your Business in 2019 - GUARANTEED!

Hands-on Workshop by Toni Chowdhury

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Are you interested in attending a hands-on workshop? There's no better way to learn than for someone to give you extremely simple and highly practical exercises to help you create a better life for yourself and for those around you.


These workshops are done in really small groups (often within the comfort of my home) so I can not only offer personalized coaching and support to each attendee but also keep the costs down. You'll find yourself highly engaged and motivated to participate so you can make the most of a hands-on workshop experience.


That's not all!


When you attend one of these workshops, you'll be helping underprivileged women become more self-sufficient and women who've been sexually abused to be able to live with dignity.


I'm in the process of partnering up with several charities in India who are helping make lives better for these women. Part of the sales proceeds will be donated to these charities to help fund their work. It's a win-win for you - you learn ways to live better and help some really unfortunate women to live better as well!


Please sign up for these workshops and let's help make this world a better place!


What My Customers Have to Say

  • Thank you for this life-changing seminar!  Even having mapped out my business, I strayed from my vision and goals, as happens in real life.  You recharged my focus, helped me re clarify my vision and patiently taught me how to plan a promotion from A to Z.  I recommend your workshops only to those who truly want to succeed.
    Michele M. Michele M.
  • The workshop I took with Toni was the most useful one I have been in my whole career as a photographer. She is so specific and clear on how to set a goal for your planning that you do not have the chance of missing it. She really is the queen of the simpler the better and you finish your day with a very specific plan for your the next year of your business. And it is a lot of fun ! I had never had so much fun creating my business plan before. I definitely recommend her workshops and her work in general. She is so generous, enthusiastic and one of the most clever people you could connect with in order to set your goals for your business.
    Adriana G C Adriana G C

Workshop Highlights & Outcomes

Engagement - Benefit of hands-on workshop by Toni Chowdhury in Montreal


Highly engaging workshops with plenty of practical exercises for you to work on. 

Support - Benefit of hands-on workshop by Toni Chowdhury in Montreal


Extremely supportive environment helps you feel safe and heard

Transformation - Benefit of hands-on workshop by Toni Chowdhury in Montreal


You leave feeling transformed - personally and professionally

Learning - Benefit of hands-on workshop by Toni Chowdhury in Montreal


You take away loads of learning that will help you navigate your goals better

Fun - Benefit of hands-on workshop by Toni Chowdhury in Montreal


It's not all serious - we also know how to have fun and be creative


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Business & Innovation Workshops


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