Goal Setting Bootcamp

Learn the Science Behind Goal Setting and Go from Goal Setter to Goal Achiever!

I'm excited that you're interested in finding out more about this amazing goal setting bootcamp! You won't find any other workshop that helps you learn the principles of goal setting in a way that you always hit your mark and you'll leave the workshop with your own goals defined for success!

Plus, I'll be donating a part of the sale proceeds from these workshops so you'll be helping support a social cause very close to my heart - supporting a charity that helps women become self-sufficient. That's two great outcomes out of a single workshop!

This is what you'll learn at this hands-on workshop:

 Use various practical exercises and activities throughout the day to figure out your goals

 Understand what factors will help you go from setting goals and struggling with them to setting goals and achieving them!

 Leave with concrete goals and a strategy that will help you achieve them 

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