Be Your Best Self Ever by Toni Chowdhury Montreal Success Strategist

Discover Your Hidden Potential And How You Can Use It To Create Success In One Or Multiple Areas Of Your Life

Learn 3 Proven Fundamental Principles To Help You Get Closer To The Successful Life And Career You’ve Been Dreaming Of!

Accomplish Great Things in 2018

  • Have you been trying to score a better job, get a promotion, or follow your passion, whatever that might be?
  • Have you been trying to accomplish different things in the past but nothing worked?
  • Are you struggling to just find some “me” time?

I think I know why you don’t have these yet. It’s because you either don’t have the time or you don’t know how to get there! Am I right? Maybe you think you lack the know-how or other resources?

What if I can help you FIND MORE TIME and OVERCOME YOUR FEARS?  

Will that help make your life better?

  • A way to identify your real passions and priorities in life so you can work on them
  • A secret to finding some “hidden” time we all have so you can use it to fulfill your goals
  • A way to set goals so you can achieve them like you’ve never done before, to get what you really want

The good news is that you’re in the right place if you want to live a better life! Because I can help you with all of the above and more!

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Be Your Best Self Ever Personal Success Coaching by Toni Chowdhury

Imagine a ship carrying a captain and a crew who have a goal of reaching a certain destination. 9 times out of 10, it will get there because the crew was equipped with maps and compasses and all the resources they would need on their journey and the captain was there to guide the ship to its destination.

Now imagine a ship whose engine is started up and it’s let go without a crew or a captain. 9 times out of 10 it won’t get anywhere, provided it even gets out of the harbour!

The one time it does, it will either sink or end up somewhere it shouldn’t be. That’s because it has no destination and no guidance. Human beings are exactly the same way.  They need a destination and they need guidance to get to their destination

The problem most people face is that they are rushing from one activity to another and don’t stop to think what they really want from life. This is one of the main reasons most people don’t get what they want!  Like Earl Nightingale, the famous radio host, author and public speaker once said, when you set goals you know where you’re going. Therefore, if you’ve failed to set goals, you don’t know where you’re going.

When you work with me one on one, I show you the exact science behind goal setting. Without this piece of knowledge, there’s no way you’ll be able to set goals and accomplish them.  It’s something 97% of the people don’t know, and the 3% that do, are crushing it and being successful!

When you work with me, I’ll help you find a way to find more time in your day! Is that good or good? Very few people know how to find time during their day.  We all have the same 24 hours in a day! So how come some people achieve more than others? It’s not luck, it’s not having more this or that. It’s because they’ve mastered the way they use their time! And I will teach you how!

Now there’s something else more important than setting goals and I’m sure you haven’t thought about it! It’s your attitude!

Well, I’m not saying you have a bad attitude, but is your attitude the one that matches up with your goals? When you set lofty goals, your mindset needs to match that. You can’t afford to take two hours off to watch TV, when you should be spending time learning a new skill to help you reach your goals. This is what most people will do – procrastinate!  But if you’re reading this, I can safely assume you’re not one of them and you want to achieve the goals you’re setting for yourself.

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 Here's What You'll Get When You Work With Me:

  • Discovery session where you’ll come up with your own goals, dreams and priorities – some of them you haven’t even realized were priorities in life! All my clients have huge a-ha moments during this session.
  • One-on-one sessions with complete focus on your needs so you find the exact things you need to work on
  • Expert guidance on how you can set goals you can achieve
  • Complete mindset shift that will tune you up for success and help you get over your limiting beliefs and fears
  • Weekly calls over videoconferencing so you can take the calls from the comfort of your home or office
  • Easy and affordable payment options
  • GUARANTEED SUCCESS if you follow the program correctly
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What This Program Is Not

  • Hype! All the strategies you’ll learn are the ones I use in my business everyday, and which have transformed my business completely!
  • Theory! Every single strategy and piece of information you’ll get are actionable right out of the gate! You’ll leave each session with a feeling of purpose and direction because you’ll know how to implement those learnings in your business – IMMEDIATELY!
  • Ambiguity! There’s no fluff involved! My team of experts and I are going to teach you the fundamentals of business, marketing, pricing, sales and wellness practices – a holistic approach that will work for you no matter what business you are in.

I cannot work with everyone and neither should you work with someone who doesn’t have the same values as yourself.

Therefore, I like to have an initial 30 minute no-obligation session with all my prospective clients to make sure I can help them and we’re the right fit to work together. I only take clients I think I can help!  After all, it’s not about the number of clients I can take, but the value I can add to someone’s life.

I’m a success strategist helping people translate their big ideas into real action and helping them get better at winning the game of life. I’ve been helping people get their lives, career and businesses organized so they can focus on the more important things that will bring value to themselves and their families.

This is a proven program with guaranteed results if you follow the strategy I'll create for you. This is because it's rooted deeply in neurolinguistic programming and tried and tested methodology.

So, DON'T WASTE YOUR PRECIOUS TIME by trying to make it work on your own. I have helped all my clients with getting their life back on track and accomplish their goals. I’m sure you can appreciate that the one thing you can never get back is TIME!

Ready to get started? Book your no-obligation consultation today!

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Client Testimonials

I wanted to quit my current life - I wanted to quit my job, leave the city, leave my husband....everything! I was too overwhelmed, too exhausted, always in a rush...continuosly wondering if life is supposed to be like this. I was pleasantly surprised that after only 2 sessions I started to see the light at the end of the tunnel.Her coaching helped me to realize what it THE MOST important for me right now and how I can get there. And I did!Thanks Toni for your help, your patience, your listening and precious advices. You made my whole YEAR better!!

Susie J.

THANK YOU!! I am so happy with your coaching.  It’s amazing how quickly I am becoming more focused, productive and effective.

Michele M., Reiki Master

"Many of us think, mostly wishfully, of doing something “more meaningful” in life…something which will satisfy the intellect, something to break the rut of routine. But, to do so is easier said than done. And that is where Toni is invaluable. Empathetic but a tough task master, she acts like a lighthouse to a ship, not necessarily on a stormy sea, but a sea which is monotonously addictive, to focus our energies to change the direction of our life, to something more interesting and more challenging. In short, an awesome Coach!"

Sayantan D.G., Photographer