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Growing pains of startup business

Growing Pains of a Startup Business – Intro

If you’re an entrepreneur in the early stages of your business, or you’re aspiring to become a business owner so you’re finally chasing your own dreams and not someone else’s, you should watch this video that I created and join the conversation. Great conversations lead to great ideas, so go!

What This Is All About

When I was a startup for the first time, launching my portrait photography business, I had little to no idea how to set up my business, leave alone how to run it. Although I come from a family of business owners, I’d only ever worked for my dad trying to set up an export-import division in his company.

All I knew about business was from watching my dad work from sunrise to sunset. Little rest of the body, but none for the mind. He was always full of ideas! I was too young when he started the group of companies. My grandfather, father and uncles saw the beginnings, but I only saw the results and never guessed how much real effort, faith, sacrifices it all involved.

So, when I started with my photography, I thought I’d just take photos and people would buy. That’s all there is to photography, isn’t it? That’s what my dad had to do – have his factory workers build all those heavy engineering stuff and he would just sign papers and cheques! Right?!

I don’t know which world I was living in, but I was clearly clueless!

Fast forward to my current business – I’m feeling the same anxiety and anticipation, albeit a little less this time around! You see, I’m now a seasoned startup business owner, plus, I’ve trained my mind over the last few years and have far more control over my thoughts, habits and emotions.

All Successful People Struggle

This is what I have read during my studies of multiple wildly successful people – leaders, philanthropists, business owners, creatives! But most people don’t dwell on their days of struggle at length.  Most of them don’t talk about their hard times much. This was the topic of a recent discussion with a friend and I thought that this might be a great idea to document.

Of course, I don’t have the level of success that the big names have – yet! 🙂 But the good thing is that I’m going through them right now – I’ve been through them once before. I have fresh memories and I’m certain I’ll create a few new ones.

I felt it mean something to journal all these experiences in a series of videos. And that’s what I’ve set out to do. I created the first one of the series, and I will follow up with more as I go along.

If you’re part of the same journey, please come along with me and share your experiences. What challenges are you facing right now? What are you doing to resolve them? Why did you embark on this journey to begin with?

Please let me know what you think about the video in the comments. I’d love to grow a community of startup entrepreneurs that are ready to share their experiences!





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