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What Others Have to Say ...

  • I wanted to quit my current life - I wanted to quit my job, leave the city, leave my husband....everything! I was too overwhelmed, too exhausted, always in a rush...continuously wondering if life is supposed to be like this. I was pleasantly surprised that after only 2 sessions I started to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Her coaching helped me to realize what is THE MOST important for me right now and how I can get there. And I did! Thanks Toni for your help, your patience, your listening and precious advices. You made my whole YEAR better!!
    Susie J.
  • THANK YOU!! I am so happy with your coaching.  It’s amazing how quickly I am becoming more focused, productive and effective.
    Michele M. Reiki de l'Ile
  • Just a quick word to tell you that I am very, very grateful to have met you and that I asked you for help … XXX was right 😉 you are amazing! I am very, very grateful 😉
    Nancy H.
  • Many of us think, mostly wishfully, of doing something “more meaningful” in life…something which will satisfy the intellect, something to break the rut of routine. But, to do so is easier said than done. And that is where Toni is invaluable. Empathetic but a tough task master, she acts like a lighthouse to a ship, not necessarily on a stormy sea, but a sea which is monotonously addictive, to focus our energies to change the direction of our life, to something more interesting and more challenging. In short, an awesome Coach!
    Sayantani D.G.

Let the next 8 weeks be the differentiator in your life so you can not only start getting more control over your busy day, but also teach valuable lessons to your kids!

They're watching and learning from you every minute. 

What will you teach them?



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Your Authentic Self time management program for busy moms


  • Discover Your Passions

    Tried and tested exercise for finding your passions for living an authentic and inspired life

  • Plan Like a Pro

    Scientifically proven planning methods for always staying on track with whatever you do

  • Optimize Your Hours

    Optimize your time so you are never rushing or falling behind

  • Master Productivity

    No-sweat, powerful productivity techniques to help you juggle all your tasks and responsibilities

  • Receive Family Support

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  • Create Daily "Me Time"

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  • Make Easy Payments

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  • Invest in Lifelong Learning

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